Panagiotis Anastasiadis

(Web|Native)+ Developer


My name is Panagiotis Anastasiadis. I am a Software Developer based in Greece boasting eleven-year experience in Web and C#/.NET technologies. In addition, my studies include a Bachelor of Science in Economics and certifications in primitive Statistical & Econometric analysis.

I am the lead developer at Frenzy Projects, an eagerly evolving Branding & Web Development agency. In addition, I am building Saleboxie, a startup which allows merchants establish a great customer base by expanding their online stores to eBay. Last but not least, I am an external partner to local firms providing development, integration, auditing and consulting services.

I am always interested in new ideas and projects having a considerable amount of experience in application UX/UI, architecturing and development, having worked on many projects of different size for the Web, Windows, Linux and Android platforms. I am used to team play, quickly learning new concepts and technologies, adapting to needs and successfully mixing different paradigms and schools of though.

Source of thinking for me is that success is a matter of planning. I like applying it to my projects as I believe that careful up-front design and architecturing of any kind of procedure or project, ensures great quality, productivity, flexibility, easier long-term maintenance and a lower probability of critical problems.

Last but not least, I am interested in a wide range of fields including Linux, Open Source, Web Design, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, System Integration, Economic Modelling, History & Geopolitics.


  • C#/.NET

    Full stack development of database driven Windows Forms & WPF apps
    Working with MVVM, IoC, Messenger, Observer, SingleK patterns, Caliburn Micro framework, MahApps Metro UI toolkit.
  • PHP

    Full stack development of (database driven) apps or plugins for common platforms
    Working with no framework/Laravel/Yii, WordPress & Joomla, PHPStrongV, MySQL, MVC pattern.
  • Javascript

    Development of Single Page Applications and Javascript scripts/widgets
    Working with jQuery, Knockout.js, Underscore, Ajax, MVC/OO Principles.
  • Node.js/Sails.js

    Development of REST API servers using Sails.js
    Working with Sails.js framework, Waterline.js ORM, Promises, Generators & MVC pattern.
  • C/C++

    Development of Windows & Linux C/C++ desktop applications
    Working with Digia Qt framework.
  • HTML5/CSS3

    Development of modern, highly responsive website markup
    Working with Semantic UI, Griddle, Font-Awesome, Google Fonts. Usage of modern methodologies. Writing SEF semantic markup.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Design of decent Websites & Graphical User Interfaces
    Working with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and In-The-Browser Design & Development.
  • Website & eShop Development

    WordPress/WooCommerce Development & Administration
    Working with Visual Composer. Developing plugins, fixing and optimizing code.

some projects (1/6)

Saleboxie / Owner

Export your eShop's products to eBay


Saleboxie is a simple and powerful software solution designed to help a merchant export its online store’s products to the global marketplace of eBay. It provides a simplified workflow featuring powerful listing options and smart time-saving features. In addition, it is built on a extensible architecture seeking to become the universal eshop to eBay product exporter with out of the box support for common eshop platforms while allowing one to plug in additional self made modules in order to support custom made or in-house built eshop platforms.

My Job

I've built Saleboxie's UX/UI, website, technical infrastructure and the total majority of its code-base.

My Tools

Application: C#/.NET/WPF/MVVM
Backend: Node.js/Sails.js
Store Addons: PHP, MySQL
Website: HTML5/CSS3

My Earnings

I became a much more better C#/.NET/WPF developer while advancing my technical skills regarding server side infrastructure, scalability and durability and REST API design. In addition, I've developed extensible knowledge of the inner workings of common eshop platforms and the way eBay works, a knowledge which allows me implement various other practical solutions for merchants.

some projects (2/6)

Systester / Co-Developer

Test your system’s stability by calculating millions digits of PI.


System Stability Tester (Systester) is a free, open source, lightweight, highly performing, cross platform stability testing and benchmarking tool supporting a great range of platforms.

My Job

The project was started by Lucas Tsatiris. I joined on 2008 taking care of the project’s transition from Qt3 to Qt4 C++ toolkit. I implemented Gauss - Legendre PI calculation engine in addition to the already existing Borwein implementation. Finally, I was responsible for various smaller improvements, bug fixing and the current project’s website on SourceForce.

My Tools

Systester: C++, Qt4, Linux, Bash, RAM Modules
Website: Adobe Photoshop, XHTML, CSS2

My Earnings

I became a much more better C++/Qt developer because of Lucas’ already existing high quality code-base and the highly cross platform nature of the project. During Gauss - Legendre algorithm’s testing, I found out that my RAM module was defective. Systester had done its job and my algorithm implementation had been proved valid!

some projects (3/6)

PHPStrongV / Owner

A lightweight PHP library that provides object-oriented, method driven and (optionally) strongly typed data types for PHP.


PHPStrongV is a lightweight PHP library which provides object-oriented, method driven and (optionally) strongly typed common data types for PHP. It is inspired from .NET primitive type implementation. In addition it boasts a Key-Value Dictionary implementation, a dynamically adjusted List implementation as well LIFO Stack and FIFO Queue implementations. PHPStrongV is a developer's swiss army knife when working with data, providing efficiency, code clearness and optional strong type safety.

My Job

I've built the total majority of the code-base.

My Tools


My Earnings

I improved my skills regarding PHP data manipulation while having the chance to explore PHP's references in a new creative way.

some projects (4/6)

SYLoader / Owner

Simple, Smart, Fast YouTube Downloader.


SYLoader is a very simple yet powerful YouTube downloader. It is simple as it provides you with the absolutelly essential options and a very straightforward and self-explained User Interface. It is smart as it downloads playlists, automatically starts downloading as soon as you copy a video's URL, MP3 converts them and ID3 tags them. It is fast as it finds the fastest path to downloading a Video or Music track. It then uses the full available bandwidth of your Internet Connection achieving almost instant downloads! Finally, it is open source and available for Windows & Linux.

My Job

I've built the total majority of the code-base, UX/UI and the current project's website.

My Tools

Software: C++/Qt, Linux, Bash
Website: HTML5/CSS3

some projects (5/6)

Vommander / Owner

Voice augment your gameplay.


Vommander is an upcoming voice driven gaming software for Microsoft Windows which translates your voice commands to in-game actions. It allows you to set voice commands of your choice and have your games respond accordingly. Well-thought decisions have made their way to Vommander in order to allow you save precious time when on gaming. The software allows you to run a series of in-game actions in a fraction of time with just one spoken phrase or a sign of your hand. For example, in the context of a RTS game, Vommander would allow you to construct your army comprised of different units by speaking a single phrase of your choice.

My Job

I'm building Vommander's UX/UI, website, voice-to-action engine and the total majority of its code-base.

My Tools


My Earnings

I got the chance to work extensively with Microsoft's Speech Recognition engine utilizing it in a very creative way.

some projects (6/6)

EscapeBook / Owner

Lightweight POS software for Windows.


EscapeBook is a lightweight, easy to use, point-of-sales software designed for Windows tablets boasting an touch optimized user experience. It is optimized for product presentation through an modern, cheerful, book-oriented presentation products.

My Job

I've built the total majority of the code-base.

My Tools


My Earnings

One of my first WPF enabled applications which allowed me wrap my head around WPF and the power it brings to a Windows developer's toolkit.


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