So Simple!

SYLoader is simple. It provides you with the absolutely essential options and a very straightforward User Interface. Safe defaults come to rescue!

So Smart!

SYLoader is smart. It downloads playlists, automatically downloading as soon as you copy a video's URL. MP3 conversion and ID3 tagging included!

So Fast!

SYLoader is fast. It finds the fastest path to downloading a Video or Music track. It uses the full available bandwidth of your Internet Connection achieving almost instant downloads!

  • Playlist Downloading
  • YouTube | Facebook
    Vimeo | Dailymotion
  • Smart Clipboard Grabbing
  • Auto-Downloading
  • Automatic ID3 Tagging
  • Automatic MP3 Conversion
  • Unlimited Concurrent Downloads
  • Queue Management
  • Translation Support

Still here?

Don't think about it. Just grab SYLoader and download your favorite stuff in the next few minutes!


SYLoader 1.1.2 is available! - 23/08/2016

SYLoader 1.1.2 is a bug fix release. The software would fail to convert videos containing double quotes in their title.

SYLoader 1.1.1 is available! - 17/08/2016

SYLoader 1.1.1 is a bug fix release. The software would ignore common Facebook URL patterns.

SYLoader 1.1 is available! - 14/08/2016

SYLoader 1.1 brings many new features and improvements:

  1. Feature: Added support for Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion.
  2. Feature: Added support for MP3, MP4, AVI, OGG, OGV output file formats.
  3. Feature: Use of multiple cores when converting downloaded videos to the selected output format.
  4. Feature: New button which shows downloads directory.
  5. Feature: Double clicking on a downloaded video in the list, opens download directory with the downloaded file preselected (on Windows).
  6. Feature: Automatic update of youtube-dl.
  7. Feature: Ask for Facebook sharing on first download.
  8. Update: User Interface & Logo.
  9. Bugfix: Downloads in the queue would sometimes be marked as completed before even being started.

SYLoader 1.0 Launched! - 14/08/2015

SYLoader 1.0 has been launched. It replaces eTube Downloader which is now discontinued because of the much more easier and improved SYLoader. Have fun!

Packages & Source

Latest (Version 1.1.2)

Windows @ Installer | Portable .ZIP
Source @ GitHub